Infoart is a team of creative people specializing in app game development for tablet and mobile devices based in Ukraine. Our goal is to create successful gaming apps, apps that people will use in daily life, apps that make money, apps that top the charts. Our team is passionate about game creating that’s why we build incredible products quickly and cost-efficiently. Our understanding of iPhone, Android, iPad enables us to bring a level of expertise to your enterprise like no one else. We know how to make the application that can scale to your business needs.


Infoart specializes in designing gaming apps for kids and casual games. Developing a great app goes beyond it just working. It has to be fast, fluid, and exhilarating. We offer game development services together with quality assurance to build an app that is poised to succeed.


The need for beautiful and user-friendly designs is indisputable. Even if the idea of the app is great, you have to get users to actually use it and continue using it. At Infoart, we know how much work is involved when it comes to designing a great user interface. We want the user to have full use of the app without any constraints.The main goal is to make the app usability, organized, quick, clean and understandable.


It is not enough to build great looking design product, but to focus on user expirience. Your site need to have a quick load time, easy-to-read text, clear navigation, clean font, proper formatting for content and organized site architecture.
A successful app is a combination of a great idea, great UX and a great UI. Don’t let your user interface get in the way of launching a successful app. We do everything we can possibly do to provide the best experience possible.

Alexandr Podosinnikov

Chief Operating Officer

SEO CEO, promotion, rise to tops, marketing

Denis Taranenko

Android Developer

Does it work?! Don’t touch it!!!

Vlada Grigorovich

UI Game Artist

Perfect design doesn’t exist.

Inna Bantos

Marketing Manager

We are constantly on lookout for ideas to promote our products. Good traffic is the key to success.

Dmitriy Syomik

Sr. Android Developer

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

Dmitriy Kiselyv

Android Developer

long long ago; /* a galaxy far, far away*/

Join our team of designers and developers

  • Unity Developer

  • Deep knowledge of Unity and C# development
  • Experience in a service-oriented architecture
  • Excellent teamwork skills, flexibility
  • Experience in a service-oriented architecture
  • UI/UX Artist

  • 2 years practical experience designing and implementing UI for mobile games
  • Sketching, wire-framing, story-boarding, and prototyping abilities
  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Marketing Manager

  • 2+ years of industry experience
  • Highly analytical and commercially astute
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be self-motivated and results oriented
Address: Kazakova Street 2D, Dnepr, Ukraine, 49050

Phone #: +380991715154

Email: mail@infoart.com.ua

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